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Op-eds and shorter pieces:

  1. “Ordinance Route”, Frontline, August9, 2013.
  2. “Notion of Justice”, Frontline, January 10, 2014.
  3. “The Narrative of independent regulators”, Bar and Bench, July 2013.
  4. “The Narrative of judicial appointments”, Bar and Bench, July 2013.
  5. “Dams and Disasters in the Himalayas”, Mint, July 9, 2013.

Working papers, journal publications, Book chapters:

  1. Land Title Insurance in India: Lessons from U.S. Regulatory Approaches“, CEIP Working Paper, AUGUST 14, 2020
  2. Intrusive Pandemic-Era Monitoring Is the Same Old Surveillance State, Not a New One“, CEIP Article, MAY 07, 2020
  3. Will India’s Proposed Data Protection Law Protect Privacy and Promote Growth?“, CEIP Working Paper, MARCH 09, 2020
  4. Making Land Titles in India Marketable: Using Title Insurance as a Viable Alternative to Conclusive Titling“, WASHINGTON INTERNATIONAL LAW JOURNAL, APRIL 15, 2019
  5. ANIRUDH BURMAN,  K.P. KRISHNAN, “Statutory Regulatory Authorities: Evolution and Impact”, in Regulation in India: Design, Capacity, Performance, Eds. Devesh Kapur, Madhav Khosla (2019)
  6. Will a GDPR-Style Data Protection Law Work For India?” CEIP Article, May 15, 2019
  7. Anirudh Burman, Ila Patnaik, Shubho Roy and Ajay Shah, “Diagnosing and overcoming sustained food price volatility: Enabling a National Market for Food“, NIPFP WP-236, 24-July-2018
  8. “Movement and Residence”, Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution, Eds. Dr. P.B.Mehta, Mr. M. Khosla, Mr. S. Choudhary, OUP, 2016.
  9. Legal Framework for the Parliamentary Oversight of the Executive in India”, NUJS Law Review, 6 NUJS L. Rev. 3 (2013).
  10. “Regulatory responsiveness in India: A normative and empirical framework for assessment”, Working Paper (WP-2016-025) co-authored with Ms. Bhargavi Zaveri, July 2016. (
  11. “Building an institution of insolvency practitioners in India” Working Paper (WP-2015-033) co-authored with Mr. Shubho Roy, for the Bankruptcy Law Reforms Commission, December 2015. (
  12. “Transparency in Political Parties-Finding the Right Instrument”, Economic and Political Weekly, July 13, 2013.
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