CAT thinks RAW ‘secrecy’ is a joke!!

Nisha Priya Bhatia, a senior RAW officer had in 2008 filed a complaint alleging sexual harassment by A.K. Chaturvedi , was arrested, compulsorily retired, and put in a hospital for 'medical illness'.  The Central Administrative Tribunal ('CAT') today ordered the central government to re-instate her with immediate effect. She had accused A K Chaturvedi, of … Continue reading CAT thinks RAW ‘secrecy’ is a joke!!

Secret uncovered: How our cabinet works

Today, I am summarising some key  rules regarding how the business of the Government of India is conducted.  At the top of the Executive wing f the government in India is the Union Cabinet consisting of the Prime Minister, various departments directly under his control, and his Council of Ministers. One of the key Rules … Continue reading Secret uncovered: How our cabinet works

India v. China II: Tibet

For this entry, I decided to look into the question of Tibet, and came across references to a meeting very few have heard of.  It was probably the last meeting at an international forum that Tibet represented itself as an independent country. The meeting I refer to is called the Asian Relations Conference of 1947. … Continue reading India v. China II: Tibet