Bestseller III: Update on Bestseller spewing anti-Muslim Propaganda

I had written a couple of posts (Bestseller I and Bestseller II) on a High Court judgement banning a book spewing anti-muslim propaganda.  In today’s Indian Express, Pratap Bhanu Mehta discusses the judgement in a larger piece on religious freedom and freedom of expression: “…courts have been unduly squeamish about protecting free expression. This squeamishnessContinue reading “Bestseller III: Update on Bestseller spewing anti-Muslim Propaganda”

India v. China III: Current Flashpoints

In this post, I very briefly summarise the current flashpoints between India and China.  I am also mentioning 10 points about the strategic interests of both countries in the Indian Ocean, as we tend to overlook that in most discussions on border disputes. Jammu and Kashmir – Since India was invaded by China in 1962,Continue reading “India v. China III: Current Flashpoints”

Bestseller II: How scholarly are our courts?

Yesterday I posted a piece on a judgement of the Bombay High Court banning a book.  I had mentioned the facts of the book and the main points raised by the author of the book.  Today, I am quoting the main points of the court’s judgement.  After that I argue that banning books on sensitiveContinue reading “Bestseller II: How scholarly are our courts?”

Bestseller spewing anti-muslim propaganda banned

I recently saw a judgement of the Bombay High Court (RV Bhasin v. State of Maharashtra, January 6, 2010)  on censorship of a book.  The judgement is important as it deals with our freedom of speech and expression.  A book was banned by the government through an official Notification in 2003.  Normally, any story aboutContinue reading “Bestseller spewing anti-muslim propaganda banned”

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