India v. China III: Current Flashpoints

In this post, I very briefly summarise the current flashpoints between India and China.  I am also mentioning 10 points about the strategic interests of both countries in the Indian Ocean, as we tend to overlook that in most discussions on border disputes. Jammu and Kashmir – Since India was invaded by China in 1962,Continue reading “India v. China III: Current Flashpoints”

India v. China II: Tibet

For this entry, I decided to look into the question of Tibet, and came across references to a meeting very few have heard of.  It was probably the last meeting at an international forum that Tibet represented itself as an independent country. The meeting I refer to is called the Asian Relations Conference of 1947.Continue reading “India v. China II: Tibet”

India v. China I: Early on

Beginning today, I am planning to write a series of posts on relations between India and China.  I mainly intend to summarise facts and opinions which are being talked about, rather than formulate my own opinions.  My sources are mostly going to be newspaper articles and so on, and also government information, whenever possible.  InContinue reading “India v. China I: Early on”

Google vs. China: Exit, or Pushed out?

A recent article in Foreign Policy has a different take on Google’s move to Exit China (previous blog entry here).  It claims that: 1. The day Google announced it might pull out of China, “Baidu, Google’s dominant rival in China, saw its Nasdaq stock shoot up $64.01, or 16.6 percent. China’s third- and fourth-place searchContinue reading “Google vs. China: Exit, or Pushed out?”

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