Courts, Judges and RTI

A brief glance at the assets of Supreme Court judges on- highlights two important points: 1. There is no mention of the value of the assets of judges on a specific date.  Information concerning assets is only useful if we are able to keep track of the increase/decrease in personal incomes over a period ofContinue reading “Courts, Judges and RTI”

Unsung Heroes: Servicing our teachers

The Wall Street Journal’s India section has some remarkable anecdotes on how teachers in rural India are, out of their own initiative, providing examples to the government as to how to cope with meagre resources and yet transform education in rural India.  The first part of this post summarizes the article, and later, I mentionContinue reading “Unsung Heroes: Servicing our teachers”

Judging our judges

Today’s post is an article appearing in the Indian Express, concerning the condition of judges in our country: In defence of their lordships (Indian Express) GOPAL SANKARANARAYANAN Posted online: Wednesday, Jan 20, 2010 at 0250 hrs On September 1 2009, Neeraj Kishan Kaul stepped down as a judge of the Delhi High Court — aContinue reading “Judging our judges”

Right to Information: What Information?

Since 2005, India has witnessed a gradual change in the operation of governmental structures due to the rapid and powerful use of the Right to Information Act.  Recently, the Delhi High Court ruled that even the office of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India comes within the purview of the RTI Act.Continue reading “Right to Information: What Information?”

Update on reservation for Minorities: Ranganath Mishra Committee Report

The government has asked ministries for feedback on the implementation of the Ranganath Mishra Commission Reforms (Govt eliciting views of ministries on Ranganath Misra report).  The ministries have been asked to report whether there are ‘insurmountable difficulties’ in giving identified minorities adequate reservation.  I had posted a piece on the subject some time earlier.  Please readContinue reading “Update on reservation for Minorities: Ranganath Mishra Committee Report”

Bestseller II: How scholarly are our courts?

Yesterday I posted a piece on a judgement of the Bombay High Court banning a book.  I had mentioned the facts of the book and the main points raised by the author of the book.  Today, I am quoting the main points of the court’s judgement.  After that I argue that banning books on sensitiveContinue reading “Bestseller II: How scholarly are our courts?”

Delhi HC says Supreme Court CJI comes within RTI Act

The Delhi High Court today delivered its judgement on the case regarding the issue of whether the CJI’s office comes within the purview of the RTI Act.  The High Court also stated that its judges will be making its assets public within a week.  Indian express is carrying the story: CJI’s office comes within RTIContinue reading “Delhi HC says Supreme Court CJI comes within RTI Act”

Bestseller spewing anti-muslim propaganda banned

I recently saw a judgement of the Bombay High Court (RV Bhasin v. State of Maharashtra, January 6, 2010)  on censorship of a book.  The judgement is important as it deals with our freedom of speech and expression.  A book was banned by the government through an official Notification in 2003.  Normally, any story aboutContinue reading “Bestseller spewing anti-muslim propaganda banned”

A Unique Identity

Today I had the opportunity of listening to Nandan Nilekani talk about the Unique Identification (UID) project.  He also referred us to the UIDAI website which has an approach paper to creating the UID database.  The points he mentioned are the same as those contained in the approach paper, and I am summarising them belowContinue reading “A Unique Identity”

A Virgin’s inclination to be truthful

Indian Express published a story yesterday considering one of those Supreme Court judgments which makes us wonder just how out of touch judges in the Apex Court are with the evolving mores of society.  The issue is simple: The Court has observed that if an Indian woman or girl alleges sexual assault, courts need notContinue reading “A Virgin’s inclination to be truthful”

Ranganath Mishra: Mandal II? Not Really

Recently, The Ranganath Mishra Commission (National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities) Report (RMC) was tabled in Parliament.  One of the most talked about issues discussed in the report was that of reservation for minorities.  That is neither the majority, nor the substance of the Report, as an op-ed in Indian Express also points out.Continue reading “Ranganath Mishra: Mandal II? Not Really”

Ruchika and the Indian Visa embargo

Two new op-eds in Indian Express offer substantial views on the issues discussed in the last entry: Call off the mob Article on the Ruchika case highlighting the following issues: (1) the easy acceptance of injustice in society, (2) the systemic failure which prompts the Union Law Minister to say one particular case should beContinue reading “Ruchika and the Indian Visa embargo”

The Top-Down

The new government promised us governance for the aam-aadmi.  Those of us who think this in any way means governance by the aam-aadmi are increasingly being proved to be fools.  In incdent after incident, hopes of reform towards decentralisation have been thwarted by the high-handedness of the central government.  Consider: (1) Visa restrictions. – TheContinue reading “The Top-Down”

Protection for divorced Muslim women

An article in today’s online edition of Indian Express (‘Shah Bano to Shabana Bano‘) praises the reformist track record of the Supreme Court in matters concerning divorce and maintenance of Muslim women.  A perusal of the judgement delivered in the case of Shabana Bano v. Imran Khan shows the subtle yet refined lines of legalContinue reading “Protection for divorced Muslim women”

Psyche of a Murderer honoured

In a recent judgement regarding death sentences for murder (Dilip Premnarayan Tiwari & Anr. v. State of Maharashtra), the Supreme Court has observed that courts will have to consider social issues like inter-caste marriage, community and religion and the circumstances in which a murder was committed while awarding punishment to an accused in a murderContinue reading “Psyche of a Murderer honoured”

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