Polity in India – About the blog

pol·i·ty: An organized society, such as a nation, having a specific form of government.

This blog aims to look at social and economic developments in India by adding dimensions of political subtext to the debate.  The aim is to look at the ideal role of our institutions (like political parties, judiciary, media, government agencies) and their shortcomings which keep getting highlighted on an everyday basis.

From May 2013 onwards, the blog has become a collaborative effort between like-minded individuals interested in public policy issues in India. The aim is to write on contemporary public policy issues ranging from corruption, communalism, cricket regulation, or India’s judiciary and government agencies (really, any issue relating to the way India and Indians are governed). We will try not to take overtly political stances, and our posts will be based on facts.

Copyright and editorial policy

Contributors, including guest contributors, own the copyright over the posts they publish on this blog. They are free to reproduce their posts in other places. In case any third person wishes to use or reproduce content from this website, prior permission from the author of the blog post is necessary. Changes and modifications to the blog post, including titles, headings, and other elements have to be made with the permission of the author(s).

Views expressed in their blog posts by contributors are their own and do not represent the views of other contributors. PolityinIndia as a blog does not independently support or subscribe to any given political view/ideology.

Comment moderation

Your comments are more than welcome, and we will be happy to respond to them. All comments are moderated by the administrator. There will be no moderation of any comment unless the comment is abusive or disrespectful towards a contributor on this blog, or any third person, nationality, race, community or religious group. As the administrator, I reserve the absolute right to refuse to publish comments that are abusive or disrespectful.

8 thoughts on “Polity in India – About the blog

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  1. really good blog mr. burman…
    your analytical temprament, as evidenced by your stance in the articles, is a welcome break from the proselytizing and didactic tone that most commentators assume when writing on matters such as polity is.

    I request you to, if it is not beset by unacceptable discomfort, organise the related articles (like the ones which have parts) in a contiguous fashion, it will make for a easier perusal.

    May i add, it is great that you already refer and provide links to articles from other sources if they are relevant to your piece, but it would be infinitely better if you could also put up links to all interesting articles that you find online but that dont necessarily become the inspiration for a post on your blog. It will help to share your evidently rich reading habit with those who would look to emulate the same.

    best regards


    1. Dear Siddharth, thank you for the thumbs-up on the blog, regarding your suggestion, I was in fact thinking of putting up a separate page on the blog, putting up articles that I come across. Hopefully, I’ll have enough content to upload it by next week. If you have any suggestions on the content/ layout, do let me know.


  2. Hi ,

    I can’t seem to be able to find your contact form/email.
    Would you be interested in a guest post for you blog? If you’re interested get back to me at my email.



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