India No. 1on “The World’s Most Inappropriate Government Agencies”

A recent article in Foreign Policy Magazine titled ‘The World’s Most Inappropriate Government Agencies’ lists the Backward Classes Bureau as one the world’s most inappropriate government agencies.  The body is separate from the National Commission for Backward Classes, and implements schemes for Backward Classes.

Other such bodies in other countries include:

1. The KGB in Belarus. (Though the Russian agency has changed its name to Federal Security Service, Belarus persists with the old name.

2. China’s Central Propaganda Department.

3. Saudi Arabia’s Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.

The categorisation of our Backward Classes Bureau with the other bodies covered here seems intriguing.  The only other body which they covered was Zimbawe’s Ministry of Land, Land reforms, and Rural Resettlement.  In India, though there are vitriolic debates over the policy and implementation of reservation, people do not identify the implementing agencies in the same sense as security and propaganda agencies.

One thought on “India No. 1on “The World’s Most Inappropriate Government Agencies”

  1. The reservation system is a chastisement of the so-called present day ‘upper-caste’ (or the neo-dalits) for the perceived wrongs dating back to Harappan and similar eras. It is, of course, the biggest farce, and fraud, in the present day human existence.


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