CAT thinks RAW ‘secrecy’ is a joke!!

Nisha Priya Bhatia, a senior RAW officer had in 2008 filed a complaint alleging sexual harassment by A.K. Chaturvedi , was arrested, compulsorily retired, and put in a hospital for ‘medical illness’.  The Central Administrative Tribunal (‘CAT’) today ordered the central government to re-instate her with immediate effect.

She had accused A K Chaturvedi, of taunting her on several occasions for her preoccupation with professional matters instead of finding a man for herself.  According to the Times of India,

“She claimed that Chaturvedi had said, “Kya career-career, bachhe-bachhe, posting-posting lagaye rakhti ho har waqt. Tum jawan ho, khoobsurat ho, kitna glow rehta hai tumhare chehre par. Akeli ho, maze karo. Ek achha sa aadmi dhoondh lo apne liye. Itne hain kisi ko bhi pasand kar lo. Aur us se kaho tumhe khush rakhega (Why are you always bothered about your career, children and posting. You are young, beautiful and you have a glow on your face. You’re single, have some fun. Find a suitable man, there are so many to choose from, and tell him to keep you happy).”

She was later arrested for allegedly harassing her colleagues and neighbours. She was later sent to a 14-day judicial custody.  The Prime Minister’s Office/ Cabinet secretariat later  issued a press statement stating that,

The officer was given several opportunities to present her case, but she refused to cooperate with the committee. Nothwithstanding, the committee completed the inquiry on May 19, 2008 and found that her allegations could not be substantiated. Moreover, the committee found that her behavior on a number of occasions, duly documented by the committee, appear to indicate a `disturbed state of mind’ and recommended medical counseling.
She also attempted to commit suicide outside the PMO.  The RAW compulsorily retired her after this stating that her identity has become public, and she can therefore, no longer work in the agency.  The agency also claimed that she had become a threat to national security after her identity had become exposed!!
The CAT said categorically that the anonymity of RAW is more myth than reality, and the agency should update itself to be in tune with times.  The news clipping is attached below:

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