Ruchika and the Indian Visa embargo

Two new op-eds in Indian Express offer substantial views on the issues discussed in the last entry:

Call off the mob

Article on the Ruchika case highlighting the following issues: (1) the easy acceptance of injustice in society, (2) the systemic failure which prompts the Union Law Minister to say one particular case should be treated as a ‘model case’ (by basically assuring law takes its due course, (3) the government’s sudden anxiety to take up the case after the state has colluded with the alleged wrong-doer for nearly 2 decades, and (4) the surprisingly weak penal provisions for molestation of minors.

Visa wheeze

Highlights the concerns raised in my blog entry about (1) the fact that increasing the number of foreigners visiting the country and our national security at the same time are not mutually exclusive, (2)  such restrictions harm India’s own interests and is bad publicity for us.

Already, four countries including the US and the UK have issued travel advisories against travel to India.

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